The founder of the French marque famously quipped that a child’s first words should be Papa, Mama and Citroën. That is why in 1924, he created this 1: 3 scale “baby voiturette” which was nicknamed “Citroennette”. The Citroennettes were based on the then very popular Citroën 5HP models.

These real children’s toys, designed by Paulin Ratier, were nothing more than pedal-powered creations, made with the same plates as the original models. However, they served a very important marketing purpose—to create future Citroen buyers.

The chassis was made from wood and the radiator grille was nickel-plated, while the tires were made from rubber.

It is estimated that more than 3700 units were produced between 1924 and 1927. The price range at that time varied between 375 and 600 francs, depending on the build.