Honda’s CX series models were developed and launched during the late 1970s. The Japanese brand were to cease production not long after that in the mid-1980s.

The CX project included innovative features and technologies that were not in common use at the time, such as liquid cooling and the exclusive use of electronic starters.

The electronic ignition system was designed by Honda to be separate from the rest of the electrical system, allowing the motorcycle to be started and driven in the event of a complete failure of the primary electrical system. The 1983 model saw the engine capacity rise to 673cc.

The use of a turbocharger was seen at the time of the CX 650 as the future of two wheels, although this was not to be widely adopted on motorcycles that came after it. The Honda CX 650 Turbo was considered by some to be the best out of all the turbo bikes that circulated on the 1980s roads. It is now also one of the rarest models, with Honda having produced only 1777 units during its lifespan.