The new Indian 45 was very different in design to that of the original Scout, designed by Charles B. Franklin. It featured redesigned suspension and forks, and a lowered saddle—which considerably lowered the centre of gravity and thus its maneuverability. The changes made the 101 extremely pliable, quickly cementing itself as a favourite among several of the leading motorcycle racers.

As for the engine, the new design used a 740cc block, but there was a version with the 610cc unit from the original Scout—though this was less publicised by the company.

It is the 610cc variant of the Scout that is on display in the Museu do Caramulo, having been acquired in 1968. Regarding the purchase of the bike, a note written in the museum’s records by João de Lacerda reads “on April 29, 1968, for 500$00, having given Sebastião 100$00 bonus… ”.

The Indian Scout 101 was subsequently donated to the Museu do Caramulo by Tiago Patrício Gouveia.