The German NSU was one of the early brands to present an offering in this new niche market, when it introduced the Quickly model in 1953. The initial model underwent a diversity of changes up until 1968, at which point it had already sold one million units.

The 50cc NSU present in the Museu do Caramulo collection, is the TT/K version, of which 12,200 units were sold between 1960 and 1961. Its main distinguishing feature is the well-moulded double seat, which allowed its rider to adopt a comfortable posture whilst carrying a passenger—who also had footrests for comfort.

The TT/K design fitted nicely into the sporting trend of the time with its front swingarm and rear suspension being excellent selling points. The sport image was coupled with the fact that the fuel tank could hold 2.5 litres, which allowed for a greater autonomy on the road. The engine was brought to life by a kick pedal, and with the closed headlight design and the speedometer being built into the handlebar, the successful TT/K turned many heads.

This bike was donated to the Museu do Caramulo by Carlos Fortunato Alzina Seruya.