When in 1965, the company revealed the S3800 model, it featured a sleeker frame design, as well as a better performing engine, and the market responded by making this new model the biggest seller in the history of the French marque.

Four years after the launch of the S3800, VéloSoleX introduced a new frame made from rectangular tubing. This new construction did not only replace the previous cylindrical design but was also used as a platform to offer the customer new blue or red paint options.

A colossal number of the VéloSoleX 3800 present in the Museu do Caramulo were sold. That number had reached 1,114,600 units by the end of its lifetime, which lasted from 1966 until 1988. 70,000 of these units were sold by the famous Motobécane brand and MBK, a subsidiary of Yamaha.