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Black Box: Potlatch

Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
29 Jun 2019
— 14 Jul 2019

The Museu of Caramulo inaugurated the 3rd exhibition of the Black Box cycle under the title of “Potlatch”.

Curated by Julião Sarmento, the exhibition brings together six leading contemporary artists, Leonor Antunes, Juan Araujo, João Maria Gusmão & Pedro Paiva, António Bolota and Carolina Pimenta.

The exhibition was held at the Museu of Caramulo until 29th December 2019 with the support of Tondela City Council, Interecycling and BPI bank.

The Black Box project is directed by the artist João Louro and consists of a cycle of six exhibitions held over six years, at the Museu of Caramulo. A different artist is invited to curate each cycle, having full control of the concept as well as in selecting the artists who express the concept.