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Fiat – La Bella Macchina

Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
2 Sep 2006
— 30 Oct 2006

The automobile phenomenon is, by itself, revolutionary. It changes our way of life, the way we relate to time, to things, and even to each other.

It changes the world that surrounds us, and the way in which we live on it and look at it. The landscape is constantly changing. Space and time are shorter and shorter. In the architect’s hand, the pencil gives shape to new trends, to serve the machines that carry us.

In 1899, was born, in the North of Italy, one of the main protagonists, throughout history, of the evolution of the most popular means of transportation: the automobile. Its name is FIAT, “Fabrica Italiana Automobile Torino”.The exhibition “FIAT- La Bella Macchina”, aims to find a common thread in the action, production and creation of FIAT models, under the light of their time, technological development and the markets’ needs.

The necessary harmonization between an economically viable mass production and a technologically advanced object, have often put FIAT to the test, facing its own motto: to produce quickly, with quality and at a low cost.

Because of this constant quest for perfection, it’s possible to talk about a FIAT “philosophy”. A “philosophy” which refused to stick to out-dated solutions, and instead chose to seek innovation, in harmony with the scientific, technological and industrial development.

For this exhibition, some of the models that best reflect the brands’ constant advancements were selected, mirroring that philosophy.

Without further ado, we invite you to a journey through the forms, colours, smells and sounds of FIAT for over 70 years.