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Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
5 Apr 2012
— 27 May 2012

The Museu do Caramulo opens to the public in 1953 as a result of a very successful temporary exhibition. Since then and until 2002, the museum has never again organised a temporary show. In that year, the Museu do Caramulo opened a cycle of annual exhibitions, related to the main collections, thus fulfilling its purposes.

The exhibition “Projecto 1- Interecycling / Museu do Caramulo” marks the beginning of a new cycle, with an especially meaningful basic idea. For the first time, this institution showcases the works of art students, breaking up with the trend followed in the last decade of showing works by established artists.

For the Museu do Caramulo, it is an honour to collaborate and welcome a partnership with the Faculdade de Belas Artes, Universidade do Porto (School of Fine Arts, Oporto University) and the company Interecycling, which gathers two contemporary and noble causes. The exhibition of works by art students justifies this unconditional collaboration and its expression, made through the reuse of recycled materials, sustains the relevance of this idea.