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Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
18 Feb 2006
— 18 Jun 2006

“Residências I” is an initiative of Museu do Caramulo

Fundação Abel de Lacerda resulting from an ‘artists in residence’ program, held in Viseu between 2003 and 2005, and promoted by AH – Galeria de Arte Contemporânea, to which were invited Gabriela Albergaria, André Cepeda, Nuno Cera, João Queiroz and Vítor Pomar.
These five artists, all with different artistic backgrounds and from different generations, are presenting for the first time, at the same time, the work that each one has produced during the residencies. In this way, this collective show invites us to discover the possible connections between the works of art, such as the attention to landscape – natural or urban – that is present in all the works.

“Residências I” tries to open new reading possibilities on the work of theses five artists, both on an individual level and from a collective perspective.

The fact that these works of art have all been produced in the context of an artists’ residency in Viseu, makes them closely connected to this interior region, where the first steps towards the creation of new audiences for contemporary art are being taken.The Museu do Caramulo – Fundação Abel de Lacerda promotes this initiative with great enthusiasm, creating the conditions for the exhibition of these works, which, in the case of João Queiroz and Vítor Pomar are unseen.

This exhibition is doubly integrated in the strategy developed by Museu do Caramulo – Fundação Abel de Lacerda, both by bringing contemporary artistic practices closer to the public, and by expanding its collection through new donations, as a result of this exhibition.