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Speed Lines

Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
19 Mar 2016
— 19 Jun 2016

This was the initial spark that would later become his signature style of capturing speed. With the lines of his drawings and paintings Alex Wakefield portrays some of the greatest moments, circuits and drivers in the history of competition.

The exhibition “Speed Lines” not only shows us the undeniable artistic talent of Alex Wakefield, but also an unexpected freedom when it comes to interpreting points of view—many of the angles of his paintings would never be possible to photograph or be physically visualized. It is an exercise of pure and sublime imagination.

Wakefield transports us into the races with his paintings. We find ourselves in a tangle of colours, sounds, speed and excitement—making it seem as if we are really witnessing these great historical moments.

Born in Iowa, USA, and a fan of motorsports, Alex Wakefield has always been attracted to, and fascinated by, all the machinery, the world of racing and the stories around it, involving both automobiles and motorcycles. This was the spark that, years later, would trigger his art of capturing speed through the lines of his drawings and paintings, depicting some of the biggest moments and greatest circuits and pilots in the history of competition.