The Power of the Force: Toys and Posters from Star Wars (1977-85)

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The Power of the Force: Toys and Posters from Star Wars (1977-85)

Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
8 Dec 2017
— 31 Dec 2018

“The Power of the Force” exhibition marks the 40th anniversary of the premiere of the greatest science fiction film saga, Star Wars.

From a distant galaxy into the public eye “The Power of the Force” will show an extensive collection of original toys and posters, produced between 1977 and 1985, referring to the first three films of the universe created by George Lucas in the 1970s and forever changing the world of cinema, toy and merchandise industry.

The exhibition is based on what is considered one of the best and most complete collections in the world, dedicated to the vintage Star Wars universe, including hundreds of items covering all the original figures of the iconic characters of the films as well as their ships, playsets, packaging, cards, merchandising and other memorabilia to items used in the pre-production of toys.

The collection also comprises a strong international dimension by including many rare toys produced outside the US for consumption in the countries that were licensed manufacturing rights such as Canada, Japan, Spain, France, Italy, England, Argentina or Brazil, among others, as well as a set of counterfeit versions of toys made by unauthorized entities in countries such as Mexico, Poland, Hungary or Hong Kong.

In addition to all these objects, that will take kids and adults to the stars, the public will also be able to enjoy the display of original Star Wars film posters, from various nationalities like USA, France, Italy, Germany, Japan or Czechoslovakia and travel in space and time through their graphics and design.

“The Power of the Force” exhibition is a must-have for any Star Wars, cinema, vintage toy or simply design fan.

This exhibition is supported by Câmara Municipal de Tondela, GW Acrylic, Regresso ao Passado and BPI bank.