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Volkswagen: 80 years of service to the people

Exhibition Type
Temporary Exhibition
3 Feb 2018
— 20 May 2018

The term “Volkswagen” first came in 1924, by the German engineer Josef Ganz, who was struggling to modernize the German automobile industry.

 In 1933, during the visit to the Berlin International Fair, Adolf Hitler saw the project “Volkswagen” as an efficient form of Nazi propaganda and commissioned Ferdinand Porsche to develop the model that would be known in Germany as “Käfer”, in Portugal as “Carocha” and in the United States and Great Britain as “Beetle”.

In 1938, the German government presented the “KdF-Wagen”, later called “Beetle”, produced in the factory town KdF-Stadt, now known as Wolfsburg and headquarters to the Volkswagen Group.

After 1948, Volkswagen became an important symbolic and economic element in the recovery of West Germany and in 1964, when it acquired Audi / Auto Union, a new generation of Volkswagens emerged with the Golf, Polo and Passat models.

“Volkswagen: 80 years of service to the people” has five Volkswagen flagship models, including the very rare Kübelwagen, the brand’s oldest vehicle in Portugal.

The exhibition will be on display from February 3 until May 20 at the Museu do Caramulo and is supported by Câmara Municipal de Tondela, Jornal dos Clássicos, Motor24, VW Ar Clube de Portugal and Banco BPI.