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Insuring your classic car

Fidelidade and Museu do Caramulo have partnered to combine our vast experience, knowledge and know-how to protect the “Classics” that wrote part of Portuguese history. Take advantage of this unique pool of knowledge to protect your “Classic” with the Classic Car Loyalty insurance program.

Explore Fidelidade solutions for classic vehicles:

Classic 1

Guarantees mandatory liability coverage and assistance services.

Classic 2

Protect your “Classic” from damage in the garage as well as a more comprehensive travel assistance program.

Classic 3

Choose Classic 3 if you’re looking for greater and wider protection for you and your “Classic”, whether it is in the garage or in circulation.

Owning a “Classic” is very special, whatever your choice, so, with this insurance:

  • Your vehicle does not devalue;
  • Claims are dealt with promptly and hassle-free;
  • For the “Classic 2” and “Classic 3” packages, your vehicle is protected with damage cover;
  • If your vehicle is at least 30 years old, you can benefit from 10 € discount on the cost of certifying it as a true “Classic” by the Museu do Caramulo – a certified “Classic” is exempt from Mandatory Periodic Inspection during the period of validity of the certification.
  • Get a second entry ticket free when buying a ticket to the Museu do Caramulo.

Consult your usual Loyalty Agent or Mediator or find out more here.