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Restoration Workshop

Museu do Caramulo offers its restoration and maintenance workshop to all owners of classic vehicles.

Located in the village of Caramulo, the workshops have a team working full time and the capacity to carry out full restorations and maintenance on two or four-wheeled classic vehicles—regardless of their age or market value. knowing how precious classics are, the team always respect the privacy of the owners.

The services of Oficinas do Caramulo are always carried out under the promise that the professionals involved will treat all customers’ vehicles as museum pieces.

Each restoration or maintenance is unique and requires bespoke actions. Oficinas do Caramulo provides a complete end-to-end service, be it a preliminary diagnosis, a total restoration or partial restoration or a general overhaul, we do it all.

To this end, Oficinas do Caramulo provide the services that support full mechanical restorations; sourcing legacy parts, sheet metal work, carpentry, painting, upholstery, electrical installations, chrome plating, finishing and detailing.

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