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Sponsor a piece of art or vehicle

Museu do Caramulo has a sponsorship program for the vehicles in its automobile collection aimed at companies and private individuals. The purpose is to contribute to the maintenance and conservation of the exposed collection.

Sponsorship support translates to the conservation and maintenance of the collection’s automobiles for a period of one year. The Program, launched in 2012 aims to create a more direct association between companies or individuals with vehicles from the museum’s permanent collection.

Sponsorships arose from a desire expressed informally in the past, by some brands to associate themselves with the Museum. The sponsorship program has opened up a new type of high-value low-cost touch point between brands and society. The program has the advantage of allowing brands to associate themselves with a particular piece, chosen according to their image, values and marketing narrative.

Altogether there are about 100 vehicles among the collection of cars, motorcycles and bicycles, that companies can choose to sponsor.

Companies that become godparents will benefit from several advantages such as being able to take annual trips in the car, displaying brand collateral on the vehicle plate as well as museum support such as tax benefits and marketing communications amongst others.

All sponsorships are announced in the museum’s newsletter and on the Museum’s official Facebook page which boasts a mailing list of thousands.